Exclusive: Hollywood Park Attracts Interest From Nfl…again

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Meet Ariana Grande: Is Hollywood’s hottest tween sensation the anti-Cyrus?

Oakland, San Diego and St. Louis are each looking for either new stadiums or significant upgrades to their current stadiums. This month, San Diego owner Dean Spanos asked for a change to the citys proposed convention center expansion. Instead of expanding the current convention center that sits along waterfront property on San Diego Bay, the Chargers have proposed that a new downtown multi-purpose facility be built near there. The facility would serve as a stadium for the football team, as a possible new arena for the NCAA basketball tournament and as separate convention space. The Chargers are willing to invest money in the development. The team has also suggested that land where Qualcomm Stadium currently sits and property where the aging San Diego Sports Arena sits could be sold to help finance the project. However, local politics in San Diego is confusing at the moment after the recent resignation of Mayor Bob Filner (he has been accused of sexual harassment). A special election has been scheduled for November to elect a new mayor. All of that has added to the frustration for Spanos. Now were talking about another 90 days or so before we can talk to someone, Spanos said. Ive lived here for 25 years. I dont want to move and Im not going to threaten to move. But something has to get done. Ive been at this for a long time and were getting closer to the end. Oakland owner Mark Davis recently talked openly about needing a new stadium.

Will Europe send robot snakes to Mars before Hollywood?

Snakes on the Red Planet — coming to a theater or real life first? (Credit: SINTEF/Thor Nielsen) In our real, human world, we first learned to fly ourselves around our planet before advancing enough to fly robots made in our image (kind of) to explore Mars. In the world of Hollywood, snakes on a plane have tangled with Samuel L. Jackson and terrorized numerous overacting extras, so it stands to reason that the next step is a Vin Diesel sci-fi flick about treacherous robot snakes on Mars. But not so fast, say the real humans. Actual nonfictional European scientists are looking into developing robotic snakes that could be sent to Mars to work in tandem with a rover to explore places that are inaccessible to the rover. “Maneuverability is a challenge. The Spirit rover was lost after it became stuck in the sand on Mars. The vehicles just cannot get to many of the places from which samples have to be taken,” said researchers Pal Liljeback and Aksel Transeth at SINTEF , a Norway-based independent research organization. Related stories Should every nuclear plant have snake robots? The researchers are working on a feasibility study for the European Space Agency that looks at the best way for a robotic snake and rover to work together to gather samples and access spots that would be too tight of a fit for a rover alone. Options include making the snake robot one of the rover’s arms or allowing the snake rover arm to be detachable so it can slither around and explore on its own. “The connection between the robot and the rover also means that the snake robot will be able to assist the vehicle if the latter gets stuck”, says Liljeback in a statement from SINTEF.

Hollywood Park

They have both been child stars. They’re both making big news with their new music. But that is where the parallels start to run out. Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus are the most talked about female pop stars of the moment (sorry Britney). But where Cyrus — and Spears before her — went trashy when they said goodbye to their teens, Grande is managing to attract attention without showing off an R-rated side. Or even a PG-13 one. Last week her debut studio album, Yours Truly, shot to number one on the U.S. Billboard charts, making Grande the first female artist to debut at number one since Ke$has Animal in 2010, and only the 15th to do so in history. And Grande did it without riding wrecking balls naked or dancing in a bikini with a boa constrictor! Grande is the star of the new Nickelodeon series “Sam & Cat,” a spin-off from the popular “Victorious,” which she starred on after a year on “iCarly.” The Florida native got her showbiz start when she was a teen, making her acting debut in 13 on Broadway in 2008. Over the years, the emerging superstar garnered acclaim as a soloist in various symphonies, and her rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner marked the first-ever broadcast of the national anthem for the Florida Panthers But it has only been in recent months that Grande has exploded nationally, and according to some experts, being a little older when starting her Hollywood journey may be the key to a long and clean career. Arianas talent speaks for itself, she doesnt need bad publicity or gimmicks to sell her music, said acting coach Donnie Klang, co-founder with Matthew LoaPorte of The Loft Studio. She is the current role model that we use while we are training these up and coming stars. Grande has already drawn vocal comparisons to Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, and is known for being savvy when it comes to social media.

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