Kate Middleton And Prince William Met ‘at Least Once’ Before University

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Kate Middleton Pregnant Again: Expecting Baby Number Two! (PHOTO)

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The wedding which took place this weekend at The Parish Church of St. Nicholas Gayton in Norfolk, England drew a lot of famous royal guests. In fact, Prince William and Prince Harry was there, and so was Kates famous sister Pippa. But no Kate Middleton. Reports from the UK said that the Duchess of Cambridge was originally planning on going to the ceremony but late in the week decided to stay home instead. It was apparently just too long to be away from Prince George. Kates still breast feeding so to be out for the whole day and the night before, was a bit too much at the moment, a source told Us Weekly . She would have loved to go but it just wasnt possible. Kate didnt exactly stay in all day. The first-time mom was seen shopping at Peter Jones, her favorite department store, where she picked up some items for George and some home wares as well. Pippa Middleton apparently had a good time with the royal brothers. She was spotted in a fashionable knee-length teal dress while the brothers wore suits. Prince William even had a role as an usher. Though she missed out on the big event, Kate Middleton has had plenty of family time lately. This week she and Prince William took seven-week old George to meet his great-grandfather for the first time. The future King of England made the trip to meet Prince Philip , who has been recovering from exploratory surgery for abdominal problems and has been in and out of hospitals for several weeks.

Kate Middleton Stays Home While Pippa Goes To Wedding With William And Harry

by Bruna Nessif Mon., Sep. 16, 2013 3:55 PM PDT Loading… Indigo/Getty Images; Bing Ever dreamed of living like a royal? Well, here’s your chance! E! News has confirmed that Prince William and Kate Middleton ‘s Anglesey home is available to rent now that the new parents are going to live in their newly renovated apartment in Kensington Palace with their newborn baby boy Prince George . So what are the deets on this iconic landmark (besides it being Will & Kate’s love nest)? Lord and Lady Meryick own the posh estate, on the Isle of Anglesey, and William and Kate rented the Bordorgan Home Farm during the first years of their relationship. The royal couple were great friends with the Meryicks, who often invited them for Sunday lunch if they were staying at the Hall. PHOTOS: Take a look inside Bucklebury Manor! Tim Rooke/Rex / Rex USA A source tells E! News, “The house was originally intended for Sir George Meryick’s son but he moved along the coast when Prince William and Kate moved in. It’s an absolutely beautiful spot, it’s breathtaking up there.

Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Anglesey Home for Rent: All the Details of Their Royal Abode—and How It Can Be Yours!

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Duchess Catherine, Anglesey Home

By Rachel Maresca / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 11:24 AM Comment LUPOPRESS.COM New mom Kate Middleton pulled over at a McDonald’s rest stop on Monday to feed her little Prince. Prince William’s former childhood nanny is back and new mom Kate Middleton looks to be lovin’ it. The two were spotted Monday pulling into a McDonald’s with baby Prince George in tow. PHOTOS: KATE MIDDLETON’S ROYAL MATERNITY STYLE LUPOPRESS.COM She’s back! Former royal nanny Jessie Webb has come out of retirement to help out with Prince George. The Duchess of Cambridge, 31, made the pit stop to feed her little one as she received some assistance from Jessie Webb, who was the beloved caretaker of her husband and his brother Prince Harry when they were growing up. It was reported by the UK’s Sunday People that the new parents approached the now 71-year-old Webb and asked her to come out of retirement to help with their newborn son. RELATED: KATE MIDDLETON’S PREGNANCY WEIGHT MELTED OFF: FAMILY SOURCE LUPOPRESS.COM Prince William’s former nanny Jessie Webb was spotted assisting Kate Middleton with the royal baby on Monday at a rest stop. “William has fond memories of Jessie and they’ve put the idea to her that she comes back,” a former colleague of Webb said. “I think she’s very flattered.” The report claimed that Webb was “sorely tempted to help the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, (but was) concerned about having full-time duties again.” Tim Graham/Getty Images Prince William being led away by his nanny, Jessie Webb, in May 1990. However, it looks like she has decided to take on the role and help out with the royal baby after all. The couple at first had no plans to hire a nanny at the time of Prince George’s birth. LUPOPRESS.COM Middleton drove her son and her husband’s former childhood nanny back to their home at Kensington Palace.


After going through a brief split in 2007, then making a pact to be together forever while on holiday, William was ready to seal the deal. Before taking Catherine to kenya, the Duke paid a visit to Buckingham Palace, where his mother’s blue sapphire Garrard ring was kept in Her Majesty’s safe. “The ring was always due to go to Harry,” Nicholl explained. “All of Diana’s things had been kept in a safe at Buckingham Palace in the Queen’s private apartments. My understanding of it is that William asked his brother if he could have the ring, and Harry agreed, knowing that William had a more pressing use for it.” The rest, as they say is history. William and Catherine announced their engagement on November 16th, 2010 , and were married the following April at Westminster Abbey. I had to ask Nicholl what she thought of American coverage of the Duchess. “In many ways, the Americans are more in love with Kate than the Brits,” Nicholl said. “I think there is an absolute fascination in everything about her and how she dresses, who her friends are, what she really does behind the palace walls. “What’s so intriguing is not just every American, but every girl around the world can relate to Kate because she was and is such a normal girl. That’s part of her charm. That’s what endeared her to us.” On July 22nd, Kensington Palace announced that Catherine was safely delivered of a baby boy, weighing 8 lbs, 6 oz. Just 24 hours after giving birth, Catherine emerged from St.

Kate Middleton spotted with Prince William’s former nanny Jessie Webb as she helps with royal baby during McDonald’s pit-stop

Is it possible? Well sure because a woman is never more fertile than in those first few months after having a baby and the Sept. 30th print edition of Life & Style is insisting that its exactly the case. Supposedly the couple has already shared the news with their families. Remember last weekend when Kate opted not to attend the wedding of a close friend and William was spotted with Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton instead? Well maybe Kate wasnt feeling well enough to attend. Her lack of presence did start the rumor mill churning with notions of Postpartum Depression and tension in her marriage. Maybe it was simply a case of the new mommy also dealing with the exhaustion that comes along in early pregnancy. Also in the latest issue of Life & Style you can read about Miley Cyruss desperation to get Liam Hemsworth to stay with her. We all know that having Miley on his arm at this point is just bad business for Liam who is trying to really establish himself as a serious actor. Supposedly Miley was beyond upset by the split but in between her twerking and drugging she seems to hide the heartbreak pretty well, dont you think? Do you believe that Bethenny Frankel is even capable of being a party animal? Shes such a control free I cant really imagine her letting go enough to have a good time but according to Life & style she has been really bad lately.

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