Whiplash: No Cheap Movies Please, We’re Indian!

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74 Million Movies that Weren’t Streamed in July

Now the second one – have you watched Grand Masti and told the world about it? Watched it, loved it but didn’t tell a soul. Congratulations, you have successfully made a place in hypocritical India, where it is cool to announce your love for Hollywood sex comedies but if you, by any chance, declare your love for their desi counterpart, be ready to bear the brunt. You might well be given the ‘cheap’ tag and be looked down upon. We are fine with watching a porn star on a prime time reality show but can’t say that movies like Grand Masti made us laugh. I know of many people who have watched the trailer of Grand Masti and made plans to go and catch the film. Sex sells and so does comedy. And while filmmakers these days are daring enough to combine the two and earn big bucks, yet the hypocritical side in us screams out loud because watching cheap flicks replete with sexual innuendos goes against our culture. Critics have panned the movie for its cheap and forced humour. But then, there is a section of moviegoers who are bored of all the political developments happening across the country and want to find relief in mindless comedy. That is exactly what Indra Kumar has served them. After all, movies are made for the masses. Let people find thrill in ‘cheap’ humour. If you don’t like sex comedies, you are free not to watch it.

Princess Madeleine

They make me more nervous than I can stand, and the anxiety over what monster might jump out of the closet or which protagonist might get hacked to pieces doesnt wear off until long after the credits have rolled. I worried this disinclination might hinder my dreams of becoming a film critic, but so far so good. After all, does a French chef need to master the art of the tamale? Yet, I cant help feel Im concealing a secret shame. Horror movie fans are everywhere. Just look at the box office, where they propel small-budget movies to big-time profits. The bloodthirsty seem to be multiplying and some of them appear less concerned with quality than fear factor, as with 2012s The Devil Inside. Critic Mark Jenkins called it a pestilence of infectious claptrap in his review for the Washington Post, yet the film, which cost $1 million to make, brought in more than $100 million worldwide. So far this year, Mama, Evil Dead, The Purge and The Conjuring and just this weekend Insidious: Chapter 2 have landed the top spot at the box office during each movies opening weekend. The Purge, one of 2013s biggest surprises, proved filmgoers would much rather see Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey fend off masked murderers than watch Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson fast-talk their way into a job at Google. The home-invasion horror flick demolished The Internship, bringing in more than $34 million its opening weekend (on a budget of $3 million) compared with the latters $17 million. (And The Internship cost a reported $58 million to make.) You couldnt pay me to see The Purge, and I mean that literally; my editor tried to assign me the movie to review, and Im not proud to admit that I resorted to sad eyes and mild whining to avoid the assignment. But that was an improvement over a 2009 incident when another editor sought a reviewer for The Human Centipede, a movie about three hostages who are sewn together to create one long digestive tract, and I responded by dry heaving while fellow critic Michael OSullivan said something along the lines of, Oh, that looks interesting. … Why do some people flock to bloodshed, while others avoid it? Horror movies are as polarizing as cilantro.

Why Don’t We Have Outdoor Movies In The Crisp Autumn Air?

Why should Summer People have all the fun? Think about it: sipping on your Pumpkin Spice Latte (and hey, maybe put a little rum in there? It’s AUTUMN, time to feel alive)… and there you are, sitting on your fleece blanket with your flannel-clad boyfriend who has made his seasonal transition into Mr. Autumn . He’s hugging you, but not in that suffocating way that typically makes you want to run very fast in the other direction because god he just loves you too much it’s weird… just in a sweet way that takes the slight chill away from the air. And as you melt into the warmth of his body, you realize this is the best time you’ve ever had watching Nightmare On Elm Street. And it’s funny, isn’t it, how in this golden Autumn light he looks a bit like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook? Also it was so nice of your friend Peggy to bring that Maple-Crusted Squash-Thyme Casserole, which will pair perfectly with that Thermos of robust red wine you brought. You wonder why you guys don’t all hang out that often anymore, and decide to change that.

Scary movies make big money, while making viewers’ blood run cold

Cary Elwes in a scene from “Saw,” a horror movie so popular it spawned several sequels.

From WSJ reporters around the world. Search Corporate Intelligence1 September 17, 2013, 1:18 PM 74 Million Movies that Werent Streamed in July Biography Redbox For those who spend their time glued to glowing screens on smartphones and laptops, its important to get an occasional reminder of how popular some offline businesses still are. And that is certainly the case when it comes to movie rentals. Plenty of people have long abandoned their Blockbuster membership and shifted from renting discs to streaming shows Netflix now has almost 30 million paying members but plenty havent. In households where the TV is still king (and not connected to a computer or the internet), DVD rental is still going strong. Take Redbox, which rents DVDs from its more than 43,000 vending machines located in grocery stores across the country. Stock in its parent company, Outerwall Inc., is down 12.5% today after it issued updated guidance last night, lowering estimates for revenues and earnings. A big reason for the downward revision was rentals at Redbox were not as high as expected. But even then, they were pretty high : Rentals for July and August grew year over year 13.4% and 15.7% respectively, with July representing Redboxs best rental month in its history, with approximately 74 million rentals. Redbox continues to expect both rentals and revenue per kiosk to increase compared to comparable periods in 2012. In addition, unique credit and debit cards used in July and August increased 11% year over year, while rental frequency improved in July and August compared to the same periods in 2012. 74 million rentals in July. Aside from working on an old-school TV setup, Redbox rentals can be a pretty cheap option compared to whats available online: $1.20 a night for one of their discs, compared to $2.99 upward for a streaming movie from places like Amazon or Apples iTunes store. Netflix subscriptions cost $8 per month, although that gets an all-you-can-eat streaming buffet. Redbox doesnt see its customers jumping ship anytime soon, regardless.

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