Britney Spears’ ‘work Bitch’ Will Usher In An Era Of Flawlessness The World Has Never Seen

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But, following an unexpected leak on Sunday morning, Brit and company rushed to release the track for real in all of its high-quality glory. What do we think? Well, pardon the excessive vowel usage, but GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRL — it is perfect. Listen to Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” after the jump. OK, so we may exaggerate a lot around here with all of our “goddess this” and “flawless that” talk, but believe us when we say, totally straight-faced, that “Work Bitch” will, without a doubt, usher in an era of world peace and global harmony the likes of which humanity has never seen — a Pax Brittanica, if you will. (Based on the early fan reactions , we can’t be that far off.) For you see, Britney has taken control where we have lost it. In “Work Bitch,” she commands us to see the path to success, so that we may achieve whatever it is we desire. Whether you wish to to drive a Maserati, look hot in a bikini, or just plain live fancy — who doesn’t?? — there is but one step you must take: “You better work, bitch.” This is a message that every American can get behind, regardless of political affiliation. Like, this is basically the expressively gay version of the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mantra, so expect to see a whole lot of ultra right-wing conservatives flooding the security line at Midtown’s famed gay nightclub XL. Or, at least a whole lot more. Even those on the progressive end of the political spectrum will have something to worship. While the “Work hard! Get rewarded!” message may possibly ignore the endemic institutional and systemic forces that prevent many from achieving the American Dream regardless of how hard they work (*deep breath*), “Work Bitch” can act as a never-ending stream of political rage that’ll fuel the average left-wing gym-goer through even the most grueling hour on the elliptical.

Britney Spears promises more ‘big news’ on ‘GMA’

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Not only do the fans have a new song to hear as Work B*tch was released on Monday but there is more news to come. Apparently Britney Spears is planning a comeback in a big way. On Monday morning Britney let her fans know they need to be watching Good Morning America on Tuesday for a big announcement. Have more big news coming Tues morning…make sure you’re watching @ GMA ! You definitely aren’t going to want to miss this, tweeted Britney Spears from her official Twitter account. With a cryptic message posted, the fans are wondering what could be so special. The guesses on social media reveal that Britney has everyones attention. From the idea that she will announce a new album title to the showing of the video she has been filming to accompany the new single, there are a lot of possible scenarios. While the fans might not officially know quite yet, it appears that no matter what it is, the devotees will be ready to celebrate her announcement the minute it happens. So what could Britney Spears reveal to share with the world? Well, we will all have to wait and watch on Tuesday morning during Good Morning America . — Jodi Jill reports direct from Hollywood. Check out her NEW website offering a firsthand look at celebrity news , her published books plus details of upcoming speaking engagements.

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