Fake Justin Bieber Robert Hunter Jailed For 12 Years For Grooming Young Girls Online

On September 17, 2013 by admin

Teesside Crown Court County Court

Pretending to be Bieber himself, or a teenage boy, he used sites such as Facebook, Skype, MSN and imesh to persuade girls to expose themselves. He would film them and threaten to tell their parents if they became suspicious, Teesside crown court heard. Hunter typed messages so they did not hear his voice over the web cam, claiming the sound was not working properly. He prowled online – with 500 girls details on one account alone – to target girls across Europe, Asia, USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Jailed: Robert Hunter was sent to prison at Teesside Crown Court PA Prosecutor Richard Bennett said: Over the course of 2010, 2011 and 2012, Hunter, using a number of online aliases, had pretended to a number of very young girls that he was a teenager. On each occasion he was able to disguise his true age and identity by the clever use of images of young boys or by pretending that his computer wasnt working properly. As a further demonstration of the naivety and innocence of his victims, he was also able to persuade some that he was the music artist Justin Bieber. He did this in order to dupe and encourage these young girls to strip on webcams and perform sex acts for him. He threatened to kill the brother of one terrified victim if she refused his demands. More than 800 films and stills taken from the online chats were discovered on Hunters computer and on disc. None of the sickening images amassed by the sex beast were downloaded from the web. Officers in Tasmania traced Hunters depraved computer use after one young girl plucked up the courage to report him. They tipped off Interpol, and Cleveland Police. Hunters home in Middlesbrough was raided. The extent and depravity of his online activities shocked even the most experienced detectives, but he continued to offend ever after his arrest in December, 2012.

After one of three judges called the fight a draw, Bieber, 19, spoke out on Twitter about the matter after walking Mayweather to the ring for the big event. “Who calls a draw? That guy was watching the wrong fight,” Bieber tweeted. “@FloydMayweather is the greatest. #MoneyTeam still #undefeated.” Mayweather has appeared more humble in recent post-fight interviews by thanking God along with his opponent. Even before the light middleweight championship superfight, the fighter took to Twitter to give reverence to God. “Without GOD — none of this is possible,” he tweeted. “Thank you for your love and support.” Bieber was there to support Mayweather throughout the fight which he first did during the boxer’s Miguel Cotto fight last year. The two reportedly became friends after the pugilist saw Bieber’s movie, “Never Say Never” and wanted to reach out to the singer. Like us on Facebook TMZ reported that Mayweather, nicknamed “Money” and “Pretty Boy Floyd,” wanted to mentor the 19-year-old boxing fan. Sources told TMZ that Mayweather has been trying to share his work ethic with Bieber and teach the young singer that he could achieve the same level of success. Although many considered Bieber’s appearance shocking, the young singer spoke about the similarities between he and Mayweather along with his admiration for the fighter in an interview with V Magazine last year. “Everyone wants you to be on top, and as soon as you’re there — like Floyd Mayweather, he’s the best boxer in the world. Now he is a champion,” Bieber told the publication.

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