Rihanna Shares Photos Of New Naughty Accessory: See The Pics!

On September 16, 2013 by admin

In the interview Perry gives insight to her upcoming music, her love life, and revealed some personal information about the Barbadian bombshell Rihanna. Daily Mail reports that Perry sparks up some speculation about Rihannas drug use in Canadian Elle . The stunning and glamorous artists are close friends but have had a rocky friendship. In the interview Perry talks about her upcoming album Prism that will be released on October 22 and her future plans. Perry told the magazine, Im 28, and I dont know how young you are, but, as you must know, when youre at the end of your 20s, its a very important growing time. Perry also gives her opinion about Rihannas appearance and lifestyle choices. She said, I think that Rihanna always looks so fresh and Im like, How do you do that? We all know how much pot you smoke! And you dont sleep because youre on Instagram at four oclock in the morning. Perry then winked in the interview and said, Ill get her secret for you. Perry and Rihanna took a break from their friendship once Rihanna rekindled her relationship with Chris Brown. Perry previously told Elle UK , I love her [Rihanna] and every time I see her, Im reminded of the light that she has. Theres a lot of dark in this business. I know a lot of people out there with the most detrimental entourages they are the root of their demise. Its really unfortunate but you cant save these people. My days of celebrity saving are over. Perry and Rihanna have hashed out their issues and are attached to the hip once again.


by Alyssa Toomey Wed., Sep. 11, 2013 2:53 PM PDT Loading… Here’s something we can all probably agree on: Rihanna’s latest accessory is absolutely ridiculous. Emphasis on d–k. The sassy pop star, who is notorious for posting nearly naked pics of herself, decided to up the ante today when she opted to share a series of shots of her new fave accessory: a clutch with a giant gold penis on the front. Somehow, we’re not surprised. “Super impressive!!! Thank you to my Westwood family!! #VivienneWestwoodLondon,” the Barbadian beauty captioned the first pic of the naughty designer bag. Instagram Of course, since this is badgalriri, one pic wasn’t enough to fully capture her apparent glee. “My security getting d–ked down in public by my #c–kclutch,” she added , posting a photo where she’s making NSFW gestures with the raunchy handbag behind her bodyguard. PICS: Rihanna’s sexy twitpics Instagram The social media star then shared a reaction shot of the priceless look on her security guard’s face. “By the look on his face…..it tickled!! #c–kclutch,” she wrote . Gotta love her.

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