Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Smith Are Not Selling Their $42 Million Mansion Or Divorcing

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Will Smith’s ‘After Earth’: Answers to six burning questions

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Night Shyamalan, and anointed his son as the films leading man. What remains to be seen is whether After Earth is a mere speed bump like Smiths own Wild Wild West or is it something with a lasting stench, like John Travoltas Scientology vanity project, Battlefield Earth . That After Earth arrives soon after Smith acknowledged turning down the title role in Quentin Tarantinos Django Unchained doesnt make a strong case for Smiths choices of late, but his reliance on patterns of past performance to guide his career might be slightly overstated by the media. His resume demonstrates he has an appreciation for four-quadrant data, but they arent his only criteria. After all, this is the same actor who made Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness remarkable by the sheer magnitude of his personality and ability. And although he supposedly has new installments in the works for some of his most popular franchises, including another Men in Black , hes also slated to anchor Focus, a con artist movie from the directors of Crazy Stupid Love, and is attached to star in the Hurricane Katrina drama, American Can, for Edward Zwick. Neither will likely require sequels or battling aliens. But its also possible that Smiths winning formula needs to be adjusted.At 44, Smith doesnt yet need to retreat from the action-oriented films that made him famous, but he might want to seek out more auteuristic directors who appreciate his fame and know how it can be manipulated in new and different ways. Seventeen years after Independence Day, Smith still lacks a real actor/director partnership like Johnny Depp has with Tim Burton and Leonardo DiCaprio has with Martin Scorsese and the only directors hes worked with more than once are Men in Blacks Barry Sonnenfeld, Bad Boyss Michael Bay, and Gabriele Muccino, who helmed Happyness and Seven Pounds. Turning down Tarantino was a missed opportunity for Smith, especially because it was a calculated risk that someone as established as Smith can easily afford to take. (Plus, can you imagine a better movie role to redeem himself for the yes-sir zen caddy he played in The Legend of Bagger Vance , the movie Spike Lee derided as Driving Mr. Damon?) Smith might also want to recalibrate the way he sells his projects, a full-court press that is high-volume, in both senses of the word. Smith engages talk-show hosts with an intensity that leaves no doubt that I. AM. SO.

Will Smith and ‘After Earth’: Minor speedbump or major misstep?


So Kitai must travel 100 kilometers to recover a homing device that will ensure their rescue. The elder Smiths character is in constant contact with his son, but the movie is very much about Kitais journey; Cypher doesnt even leave the spaceship while they are on Earth. Even though Will Smith is in the movie frequently, Jaden Smith is its star. Will audiences recognize it as an M. Night Shyamalan film? There are no major plot twists, as there was in Shyamalans The Sixth Sense, and because the film stars a 14-year-old, the acting isnt likely to attract comparisons to the filmmakers best-known works. Although the directors films sometimes feature sci-fi twists (The Last Airbender, Signs), After Earth is more of a genre film than anything hes made before. The critics, who have been excoriating the film, say the directors touch is nowhere to be seen in After Earth. Reviewing the film in Variety, Scott Foundas said, Though he shares screenplay credit with Gary Whitta, Shyamalan is clearly a director-for-hire here, his disinterest palpable from first frame to last. Nowhere in evidence is the gifted Sixth Sense director who once brought intricately crafted set pieces and cinematic sleight-of-hand to even the least of his own movies. Will it lose to the second weekend of Fast & Furious 6 at the box office? My colleague Amy Kaufman, whos usually infallible at these sorts of calls, says thats almost a certainty. Though some box-office prognosticators say After Earth should win the weekend, the odds favor Vin Diesel and his muscle cars, which should gross about $40 million in their second weekend of release. Sony is hopeful that its After Earth could sell as much as $38 million worth of tickets, which is a poor start for a $135-million movie with Will Smith, but other estimates say After Earth could barely surpass $30 million. After Earth isnt the only new movie likely to be outpaced by Fast & Furious 6. Jesse Eisenbergs crime-magic thriller Now You See Me also is expected to debut poorly, with estimated ticket sales of just $17 million. Sequels?

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