Kate Middleton And Prince William Reportedly Ask Royal Nanny To Come Out Of Retirement

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Kate Middleton & Prince William Hire Princess Diana’s Nanny Jessie Webb for Prince George — Camilla Parker-Bowles Furious!

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10, 2013 12:51 PM PDT Loading… Tim Graham/Getty Images When Prince George isn’t with Kate Middleton or Prince William , the royal baby needs to be under the care of someone trustworthy So, according to a Sunday People report, the new parents are asking William and Prince Harry ‘s former childhood nanny, 71-year-old Jessie Webb, to come out of retirement to help out with their 7-week-old son. William and Harry’s former nanny was reportedly let go by Princess Diana , but is said to have remained close with the boys in the years afterwards. And while the report claims Jessie is “sorely tempted to help the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, she’s concerned about having full-time duties again.” PHOTOS: Prince George’s best 13 moments of summer 2013 TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Jessie is said to have been “traditionally trained” as a caregiver and has a “terrific sense of humor,” according to one individual who claims to have worked with her. But this former colleague says she knew how to put her foot down. “She would stand for no nonsense and would want to do things her way,” claims the former colleague. “You had to be tough, because being nanny at that time could be a very stressful jobBut she tried her best to keep the boys away from the tears and the rows.” PHOTOS: Take a look back at Will and Kate’s childhood pics! “Jessie was very kind to the boys, and William will remember this. Charles was particularly fond of her,” adds the former colleague. “Diana, I think, [was] a bit jealous because [Jessie] was actually more fun.” “William has fond memories of Jessie and they’ve put the idea to her that she comes back,” says the former colleague. “I think she’s very flattered.” According to one royal source, “Jessie would be ideal…Everyone likes her. She’s discreet and she’s of an age when she’s not going to have her picture in the papers every five minutes.” She sure sounds like the perfect nanny, and if anyone can convince her to come out of retirement, it has to be William and Kate!

Prince William, Jessie Webb

But not just any nanny the same nanny, Jessie Webb, that looked after Will and Harry when they were young. A source explained, She will assist them on trips with George, such as engagements away from London and overseas tours. Although she was retired, shes apparently willing to come out of retirement for George. Well, this is quite heartwarming, isnt it? Its clear that Will has fond memories of Jessie from his childhood, and he wants George to have the best. All that being said, Im sure this is driving Camilla Parker-Bowles furious. Not only was her chance at bonding with George thwarted when he went to stay with the Middletons after his birth, but now she has to put up with Princess Dianas nanny. Its probably enough to drive her straight over the edge. Obviously, this is just another chess move in her head another move in the long battle between the royals. She sees herself winning in the end, but will she win? There are already rumors that shes planning on divorcing Prince Charles and winning a $350 million divorce , but theres no way she would ever do that. She has far too much to lose by divorcing Charles, and much to gain by staying with him. If she does leave him, she will have to give up on her life long dreams of ruling the monarchy, which will only happen if Charles becomes King and shes still with him. She wont back out now. What do you guys think about William and Kate hiring Jessie Webb, and Camillas reaction to the news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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