10 Things Celebrity Chefs Won’t Tell You

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Former Loose Women host Carol McGiffin comes fourth in the Celebrity Big Brother Live Final 2013

Velvet surprise: Carol cheers as she steps onto the CBB stage after her eviction

Our goose is cooked. In the past two decades, the pop culture prestige of chefs has risen dramatically, making them the rock stars of the modern era. Many have built vast empires that include hit TV shows, far-flung restaurants, kitchenware collections and more. The biggest of them are practically identifiable by their first names alone: think Emeril (Lagasse). And their take-home pay reflects their celebrity status, with several chefs earning more than $10 million a year, according to a 2012 Forbes survey. (The top earner? Gordon Ramsay of Foxs Hells Kitchen fame, with $38 million.) Click to Play Little formal kitchen training, mediocre pots and pans, and overexposure are plaguing celebrity chefs. Charles Passy joins Lunch Break with a look at five things these rock stars of the food world are hiding from adoring fans. Photo: Getty Images. But there are signs that celebrity chefs may be waning in popularity. For starters, the Food Network, which marks its 20th anniversary this November, has lost some of its ratings luster: Viewership declined by 10% over the past season, according to the latest Nielsen figures. Moreover, in recent years, the network has struggled to find a new breakthrough star, media observers say. (And one of the last finds was Paula Deen, who rose to prominence around seven years ago but whose reputation took a major hit in 2013 when she admitted in a court deposition to using a racial slur. She was subsequently dropped by the network and also lost many of her endorsement deals.) The bottom line, say critics, is that celebrity chefs have become a dime-a-dozen form of entertainmenttheir numbers may have grown, but their star power has diminished. The celebrity chef market is saturated, says Arthur Gallego, a New York-based branding expert. Some industry insiders counter that its too early to say the celebrity chef trend has run its course.

Unsurprisingly, Vicky was met with boos as her name was called, after getting in the viewers bad books following a few rows with Charlotte and Carol. But to Mario’s relief, his name was greeted by cheers as Emma Willis called out that he had come in fifth place in the competition. Cheers: The TOWIE star received much applause and appreciation from the crowd as he awaited his fate Out: Vicky Entwistle comes in sixth place in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 Live Final Carol and Charlotte were sad to see him go, shocked that they had lasted longer in the competition than the handsome TOWIE star. Mario felt it was ‘surreal’ to be out of the house: ‘You had so much time in that house to think and be bore.’ Vicky said: ‘It felt weird to see so many people… A lovely weird. It got to the last day and we were all ready to go. It got intense at time.’ ‘In my eyes everyone who entered that house was a winner,’ Mario said. Celeb Big Brother: Mario Falcone and Vicky Entwistle are evicted Differences put aside: Carol and Vicky embraced as the Corrie star left the house ‘At times I found her quite overpowering. She makes me laugh but sometimes I think she’s a little bit selfish,’ Vicky said of Carol. ‘I don’t like it when people speak about people behind their back,’Mario said of the fights in the house. And on his public image: ‘I’m not the TOWIE guy people think I am, I’m not the volatile guy, fortunately for me I got along with twelve people.’ Wet welcome: Mario and Vicky had to carry umbrella as the heaven’s opened on Friday night In it together: The two celebrities walked out hand-in-hand to the cheering and jeering crowd The night before the house had been making heartfelt speeches to each other in a last supper before the final eviction show. Many of the housemates got emotional as they took the floor, with Vicky commenting that Big Brother, [was] a funny old game, and that she felt richer from the reality experience. In his speech, Abz told his fellow housemates that they all deserve to win, proving just what a kind and easy-going celebrity he has been in the house.

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Vicky comments Big Brother, a funny old game. In his speech Abz tells his housemates they all deserve to win. Vicky tells her housemates that she feels richer from her experience in the house. Mario says because of Charlotte he has learnt to laugh again. Lauren tells her housemates she has learnt to mix with other people. Charlotte gives her speech about living in the house. Charlotte Living in this house has taught us a lot of things. Living with Carol has taught us about bunions and the menopauseBut also it has taught us about being a great woman at any age and being up for a laugh. Living with Vicky has taught us not to hold a grudgeMario I thought you were a d**khead at first. But youre such a lovely boy Mario. Big Brother puts on a slideshow of the housemates time in the house. Tonight Abz, Mario, Charlotte, Vicky, Lauren or Carol will be crowned winner of Celebrity Big Brother Summer 2013. Who will take the title? Its up to you to decide.

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