Katy Perry, Madonna & Justin Timberlake Are About To Go G-a-y!

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The 55-year-old singer has revealed a third look at her Secret Project collaboration with photographer Steven Klein – and the 46-second teaser mixes politics, S&M and violence. The black and white trailer begins with Madonna staring at the viewer through the bars of a jail cell, with immobile face and wearing a shiny dark coat and blunt-cut blonde wig. Scroll down to view video… Pleasure and pain: Madonna delivers another memorable performance in a third teaser for her Special Project with photographer Steven Klein In voice over Madonna can be heard singing, ‘Let freedom ring… are you with me?… art for freedom.’ In another scene a writhing Madonna is shown being caressed by a muscular shirtless man while wearing a midriff-baring black brassiere with tassels attached to it. The teaser escalates into more violent territory as Madonna is dragged mercilessly through a dark-lit alley before being thrown face-down on the floor of a jailhouse cell. Madonna jailed in violent in third teaser for Secret Project From the inside looking out: The 46-minute montage begins with Madonna in blonde wig and starring through the bars of a jailhouse cell It’s rude to point: The 55-year-old singer is shown wearing a pointy bra attached with tassels and a corset as she’s being strangled by a shirtless man Dark alley: The black and white trailer escalates into violence as Madonna is rough handled by two jailhouse guards in an alley The final scene announces ‘September 24,’ which presumably is meant to indicate the date of the short film’s debut. The ‘Secret Project’ is reported to also feature Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Cher. Madonna has been sending out visual teases using provocative photos via her Instagram account. Down the corridor: Madonna sings in voice over, ‘let freedom ring’ Tossed: The guards literally throw Madonna into a stark cell Klein is reported to have tweeted to Cher back in December, writing: ‘This is Steven Klein Photographer. I am doing a secret project that is political and artistic. Its time that we work together,’ And he is claimed to have told Rihanna: ‘I am doing a secret project that we can do and we can go off the charts and be wild @rihanna #secretproject.’ In June, the first trailer was released showing Madonna holding a gun and pointing it at a man’s head execution-style. Down and out: Madonna is thrown face-down onto the hard concrete floor of a jailhouse cell Moody: Steven Klein’s artsy photography shines through in scenes such as this one She then straddles a man in what looks like a police cell and holds the gun above his head.

Madonna Finally Weighs in on the Syria Crisis

View gallery Madonna Finally Weighs in on the Syria Crisis Finally, we have some clarity in the debate over whether the United States should intervene in the Syria crisis. Pop singer and apparent foreign-affairs expert Madonna has put her two cents in regarding Americas potential military action in Syria, where a chemical weapons attack in August reportedly killed more than 1,400 people, according to U.S. intelligence agencies. Also read: Madonna Tops Spielberg, Simon Cowell on Annual List of Highest-Paid Celebrities As it turns out, shes against it. The Papa Dont Preach singer took to Facebook on Thursday to register her displeasure over the possibility of intervention, posting a photo of a hand-scrawled message that read, U.S. stay out of Syria! For humanitys sake. Also read: Madonna Faces $10.5M Lawsuit for Moral Damage President Obama has been attempting to drum up allies for a potential strike on Syria, meeting with leaders at a summit. During a press conference on Friday, Obama acknowledged that he had his work cut out for him. I knew this was going to be a heavy lift, Obama said, according to the New York Times . I was under no illusions when I embarked on this path. But I think its the right thing to do. I think its good for our democracy. We will be more effective if we are unified going forward. The president is expected to address the nation on the topic from the White House on Tuesday. But really, one has to wonder if, without the backing of Madonna, he should even bother.

Rapper Mike WiLL Made It Calls Miley Cyrus “The Next Madonna” [PHOTOS and VIDEO]

Rita Ora – ‘How We Do (Party)’ (Gustavo Scorpio Radio Mix – Dirty) 5. Alexandra Burke – ‘Bad Boys’ (Moto Blanco Radio Mix) 6. Leona Lewis – ‘Bleeding Love’ (Moto Blanco Remix Radio Edit) 7. McFly – ‘Shine A Light’ 8. JLS – ‘The Club Is Alive’ (Wideboys Stadium Mix) 9. Kelly Clarkson – ‘Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)’ (Project 46 Radio Edit) 10. Danni Minogue Vs. Flower Power – ‘You Won’t Forget About Me’ (Vocal Radio Edit) 11. Melanie C – ‘I Turn To You’ (Hex Hector Radio Mix) 12. Sugababes – ‘Push The Button’ (DJ Prom International Edit) 13. Christina Aguilera – ‘Beautiful’ (Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit) 14. Jennifer Lopez – ‘Waiting For Tonight’ (Hex’s Momentous Radio Mix) 15. Celine Dion – ‘My Heart Will Go On’ (Tony Moran Mix) 16.

‘Are you with me?’ Madonna dons a blonde wig and black bra in violent third teaser for Secret Project

Travelling trio: The entertainer was seen arriving at London

He further added that anything Miley does becomes news because she is a successful arist. “Anything she does, if she claps her hands three times they will say, “Oh man, why didn’t she clap four times?” If she came out to the VMAs and she wasn’t twerking and she wasn’t doing all that, everybody would’ve said, “Oh she was supposed to twerk why didn’t she twerk. She’s not real.” They would shoot her down regardless because she is successful,” Mike said. The rapper seems to understanding Miley to quite an extent as he is of the opinion that Miley should not be equated with her Hannah Montana image from Disney. The real Miley is what people see now and not the one that they saw on TV. “When you are successful you get people to talk, and when people watch you grow up and play a role on Disney, they are going to put her in that box and stay in that box. She’s not that character, she’s herself. It is what it is. Its part of the world and country we live in,” the rapper said. Listen to Miley Cyrus rapping in “23″ Source: You Tube.com/teammileycurusworld The “We Can’t Stop” singer rapped along with Mike and other artists in the new single “23.”So when the first time Mike realised that Miley Cyrus could rap? Mike reveals that it happened during the shooting of “We Can’t Stop” when Miley said she could “pull it off” and did it the very first time she tried it. “We did that at the same time we did “We Can’t Stop.” I think we did it the same day. I let her hear it and she said, “I can pull that off.” I said, “Yeah right” and she said, “I can, for real.” She went and knocked it out,” the rapped said. Mike went ahead and compared Miley to none other than pop diva Madonna and said the singer is on that path. “I’m 24, she’s 20, we have a long way to go.

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